Old Iron Bridge Borzois and Collies

Murphy, he is a non carrier by parents. Sire Tawny, Mother Happy.
Big Baby,


He is a non carrier by parentage. Tawny is his sire and Happy his mother, so he also has Red in his pedigree. He will be a year old in January, and is going to be a big boy. He is a big baby, spoiled, hates being in a crate, is trustworthy in the house, loves attention, all of it!!

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Cash is the sable merle non carrier male with one blue eye. He is April's pup, Tawny is his sire, he is going to be a big collie like his mom.  We feed him apart from the others to avoid fights, he is a scrapper and thinks he eats his fill first and everybody else better wait.

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